November 2, 2021


How does Talk Sunday work?

Talk Sunday connects care seekers with the right faith-based counselors matched to their needs. Our Talk Sunday care coordinator works with you and your church to find the right fit, and pass you onto the right Counselor. If it’s a match, you’ll continue your care directly with that counselor. 

How much does this cost? 

Talk Sunday is free to join but payments for services are managed directly with your counselor and your insurance provider. If you have issues regarding payments or questions on rates, please contact your counselor. 

I don’t think I can afford this. How can I pay?

Many of the counselors on Talk Sunday accept insurance. In some cases, your Church may be able to help as well. Contact us at and we can help with questions.

Can I meet with my care provider in person? 

Each counselor has different ways of servicing their clients. We’ll work with you to match you with a counselor that best fits your needs. 

Can counselors provide prescriptions if necessary? 

It depends on the type of counselor that you are matched with and their licenses. 

Will people in my church know I’m going to counseling? 

It’s totally up to you. Faith counseling is often done in conjunction with your faith leader, and if you tell us that you’d like Talk Sunday to share details with your church leaders, we will. Nothing is shared without your approval first. 

My Church isn’t part of Talk Sunday. Can I still use it? 

It depends on where you live. We are currently conducting trials in New Jersey. Other locations in the works. Contact us at and we can help with questions.


I know a counselor - can they be part of this? 

Yes! Have your counselor contact us at and we can help with questions.

Is Talk Sunday a Christian or Non-Profit Organization?  

No. We are a private company with team-members of all faiths and denominations.

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